Our new single is out!

New music is here. Artwork for Disruption by Heavy Broken Machines.
Artwork for the single, Disruption, from Heavy Broken Machines.

New music is here! The latest single dropped on Friday (2nd July 2021), and we are absolutely stoked about this one. This has been a real labour of love, producing this in a socially distanced way, like so many other bands are doing just now. Not only have we been working remotely to get this done, but when the band are spread across three countries, this makes getting “Disruption” out there, all the sweeter.

New music is here! Still from lyric video for Disruption by Heavy Broken Machines.

Not only did we manage to get “Disruption” out there, we also managed to drop a lyric video thanks to the talents of Lee Fields (find him at www.aerialcine.co.uk for more of his amazing video work). It’s up on our YouTube channel now, but you can click below to watch it.

Disruption Lyric Video (YouTube)

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